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Ascend FPV is Colorado's premier drone videography studio, capturing incredible perspectives of your favorite moments. We specialize in professional FPV and aerial drone photography to showcase you and your environment like never before, producing thrilling reels that captivate and grow your audience.

What Makes Ascend FPV Unique?


We are extremely fortunate to partner with our clients because FPV videography is inspiring and super fun to make. Playing a creative role in producing thrilling content is quite a privilege! We are grateful for your consideration, whether it's a real estate feature, an activity, an event, or something we haven't dreamt of yet.


Anyone can fly a drone, but professional FPV requires a unique skillset that requires agile piloting, expert-level videography experience, and a creative mindset. We think we're great, but we love constructive feedback - you deserve the perfect shot!


We are quite literally just along for the ride when it comes to capturing amazing content. Every project is unique, so we take an open-minded approach to all ideas. If you know exactly what you want, or if just have an idea and require some direction, we will produce something that you love.


In addition to being experts of our craft, all of our pilots are FAA Part 107 certified commercial UAS operators. We are licensed, insured, and follow all local/federal regulations, including permitting for shooting. Safety is our highest priority, but we still make cool sh*t.

Our Story

Ascend FPV LLC was formed in 2024 by its lead pilot and owner, Josh Heffner. Though young as a company, our experience with piloting and photography spans decades. Josh began flying DJI drones and learning his way around a camera in college. He began building custom FPV drones in 2019 due to several intersecting hobbies like aviation, photography, programming, and electrical engineering. He is an FAA Part 107 certified commercial drone pilot. Living in beautiful Colorado, his projects often feature local activities like skiing, snowboarding, off-roading our rocky terrain, hiking, cycling, events all across the Front Range, or even storm chasing on the High Plains. Josh works as a Director of Cloud Architecture for an enterprise tech company in addition to running operations at Ascend FPV.

Ascend FPV Logo

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Denver, Colorado, USA

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